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Mission: Provide a home away from home for dogs that is healthy, fun and safe. Our canine guests to enjoy as much time playing, exploring or relaxing as they want outside, ensuring a stress free time inside. We provide an environment and services that support dogs in being happy and healthy.


For over twenty years dogs have been vacationing at Happy Tails, originally founded as Beth's Dog Training by Beth Meyer. With no formal advertising, Beth's dog boarding business grew steadily through word of mouth. Anytime Beth needed help, her brother Paul was always there. In 2000, Paul came on board full time. In 2001, Beth added a warm water pool for dogs. By 2004, the pool was so popular (and demanding) that Beth retired from dog boarding to focus on dog swimming and dog immersion training. Paul bought the dog boarding portion of the business and began creating his dream dog boarding facility.

Relocating the dog boarding services to Paul's home meant relocating his family to a property with suitable potential. After a lengthy search the perfect property was found. Paul, Tina and Andrew and often friends, family and clients, worked side-by-side many, many late nights and early mornings to transform an old dairy barn and pasture land into the biggest dog house you'll ever see surrounded by a doggy wonderland of huge fenced play yards. In 2005, Happy Tails opened its grand dog house doors in Enumclaw (just four miles from its original location). Our endless thanks to our family, friends, and numerous clients for their generous help and encouragement.


Happy Tails, an acre of doggy heaven, is nestled in the center of a 20-acre farm surrounded by an 8’ chain link fence. The naturally healthy and fun environment at Happy Tails ensures your dog will enjoy his stay and ensures you will feel good about putting your dog in our care. Happy Tails is fully licensed by Washington State and King County Animal Control.

Meet the Happy Tails Team

Paul Jackson, Owner
Paul has been working with dogs since the early 90's. Being a dog lover, Paul jumped at the opportunity to work at his big sister, Beth's, kennel. Beth boarded dogs the right way, so Paul learned early on "it's about the dogs, not the people". His only exposure to dog boarding was the way Beth ran things where dogs spent their time in a variety of social groups. These days it has come to be known as "kennel free" boarding. In 2004, Paul bought the boarding portion of Beth's business and relocated it to his home in Enumclaw. Paul now enjoys his morning commute to his dream job. A short walk from his back door to the dog house, the only other traffic - his lovely wife, Tina, by his side. Paul’s personal pets have ranged from a miniature dachshund to great danes. " Big or small, I love 'em all".


Tina Jackson
Tina is the friendly voice you hear when you call Happy Tails. She answers your emails, makes your dog's vacation reservations and schedules pick-ups and deliveries. In short, Tina is the grease that keeps things running smoothly. The dogs all know Tina as the food lady since she prepares their breakfasts and dinners -just the way they like them. Tina loves all dogs but prefers spoiling the little ones. She often puts a coat or blanket in her desk drawer so someone can curl up next to her while she works. Tina keeps the lawns mowed and looking good; it's common to see a little dog on her lap while she is maneuvering the riding mower. When Beth initially discussed discontinuing boarding, it was Tina who encouraged Paul to take over the business.   


Andrew, Paul and Tina's son, is your typical teenager without enough time in the day to spend with his friends, play sports, and go "wheeling" in his Toyota 4x4 pick up!  Andrew has plenty of chores around the house and farm but is not required to help with the dogs. This ensures his time with the dogs is pure fun - for dogs and Andrew. Often he races groups of dogs from one end of the yard to another. He does cheat though…he starts before the dogs and stops when he knows he's going to be passed!

Dog Boarding and Daycare Designed for Dogs

Your Happy Tails team of dog enthusiasts ensures each guest receives plenty of human interaction and all the pleasures of a country farm environment.

Happy Tails dog boarding is located just south of Seattle, Washington just 3 miles from White River Amphitheater with plenty of clean, fresh air and room to play.

Make dog boarding reservations, get directions, read what clients are saying about Happy Tails dog boarding, or contact us today for more information.



Happy Tails
Dog Boarding and Daycare

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