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Services for Dogs and Their People
Fun-Filled Days and Restful Nights for Your Dog

If Dumbo can fly, so can I.

Dogs love playing in the seven HUGE play yards at Happy Tails! An eight-foot chain link fence surrounds each play yard to keep your dog safe and secure. When your dog is ready for quiet time indoors, they'll relax in their own private quarters inside the largest dog house you'll ever see. The dog house features radiant floor heat and air conditioning - perfect comfort year-round. Happy Tails is a "kennel-free" facility.


Your dog will maintain or polish his good manners while having fun. Learn more about dog boarding services.

Doggy Daycare
Doggy daycare is an enjoyable and beneficial socialization tool for any dog. Daycare increases puppies' confidence and teaches them how to play well with others. Does your puppy have too much energy… let us wear him out at puppy daycare!! Instead of coming home to a puppy or dog who has had all day to cause mischief, come home to a relaxed dog. Your dog will enjoy playing in the HUGE fenced yards with our over night boarders. With so much to do all day, he'll eat well and sleep well at night.

Puppy Socialization
Let us help you create a well rounded puppy. Whether here for boarding or daycare your puppy will develop important social skills, build confidence and learn basic manners. A well socialized puppy makes life easier at home, when meeting new dogs on the street or back yard fence, at dog parks and when facing the daily challenges that arise in a dog's life.

Ensuring Your Dog's Safety

All dogs at Happy Tails are required to be up-to-date on vaccinations, including bordatella (kennel cough).

Happy Tails is fully licensed by Washington State and King County Animal Control.

Dog Vacation Wonderland

Where Dogs Feel Great and So Will You
Your dog's visit to Happy Tails dog boarding facility will be like his own vacation. Your dog will get to do the things he loves - play with dog friends, chase birds and relax in the fresh air with dog pals. He'll also enjoy plenty of treats and human attention. Clean air in a beautiful environment inspires our dog guests to have fun while getting plenty of exercise. When a dog is having fun he is relaxed. Plenty of exercise means he eats and sleeps well! All our dog guests learn, polish or maintain their good manners. Good manners means your dog is getting more positive attention which helps his self esteem. It also makes him a more enjoyable family dog at home.

Dogs Love Vacationing At Happy Tails
Make dog boarding, dog daycare or puppy daycare reservations, see rates, get directions or contact us for more information.



Happy Tails
Dog Boarding and Daycare

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