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Loves Coming Home to Happy, Exercised, Socially Active Dogs
We have owned dogs since 1988. Until we found Happy Tails in 2006 we continuously looked for the best way to care for our dogs when we were away. Now, the pressure is off! Paul and Tina Jackson, the owners of Happy Tails, know dogs! The care they provide for our animals means that we come home to happy, healthy, exercised and socially active dogs. The dogs we currently live with, Phil and Bell, are two year old St. Bernard's. They started staying at Happy Tails and learning social skills when they were 14 weeks old. Starting that socializing process so early in their lives has made such a positive difference for them as they are out and about in the world with other dogs and people!!

When we arrive at Happy Tails our dogs can't wait to get out of the car and start their vacation. When we return, as they leave their "home away from home" our dogs always seem to need to express "good buys" and thank you's" to their friends and companions.

~ Kent and Lisa Baxter



Happy Tails is the Right Place to Care for Our "Children"
We feel like our boxers are our children, so when we moved to the Seattle area and had to find a boarding facility, we were extremely nervous. Previously, we had always left our pups with our parents when we had to travel away from home. Shortly after arriving at Happy Tails, we knew we had found the right place and the perfect people to take care of our "children". Paul and Tina made us feel extremely comfortable leaving Zoe and Elle with them. We were actually excited for their first stay, as we saw how happy the girls were just being there during our initial visit. We are never worried when we drop them off with Paul and Tina, as we know that they will be very well taken care of and will have tons of fun to boot! Zoe and Elle can hardly contain themselves once we get within a couple miles of the house. Although they are excited to see us when we return, they aren't completely ready to go home. However, they are definitely worn out from playing so much during their stay, which is great for us since we're usually exhausted from traveling!!!

We wouldn't even think of taking our dogs anywhere else.

~ Shawna and Todd Jewell


Brought Out the Best in My Wonderful Tibetan Mastiff Puppy
I have a Tibetan Mastiff who was a puppy when I first started bringing her to Paul and Tina for day care and overnight stays in 2005. With their help we have produced a great dog – Bronte is well socialized and gets along very well with other dogs. 

I can't say enough about how much I appreciate Paul and Tina's help at giving my dog a wonderful environment to thrive in and have new experiences in, which have made her the wonderful companion she is today.

Thank you, Paul and Tina, for setting an outstanding standard for the dog care industry.

~ Wendy Pauling


Happy Tails Is A#1
Michael, our 5 1/2 year old English Setter has been boarding at Happy Tails since 2003. He loves being with Paul and Tina because they understand him. He enjoys the wide open spaces to run. He has been known to nose a cow or horse at the fence on an adjoining field. Michael seems to be particular about the other dogs with whom he will play. Paul and Tina group dogs, not only by size, but also by personalities. The sleeping areas are spacious and clean. We have had dogs for almost 35 years and in our opinion, Happy Tails is an A #1 kennel.

~ George and Ginny Thomas, Seattle


Exceptional Care for My Dogs
and Exceptionally Good Communication with Me

Do your dogs look eager to arrive at the place you board them? Do they appear content and at ease in their surroundings when you come pick them up? I don't know about you, but I want my dogs to enjoy their boarding stays. And with Paul and Tina Jackson's care at Happy Tails they do. My dogs always eagerly run to the entrance gate of Happy Tails wanting to "get in!"  And, no matter how long they've been there, they always look happily playful or content and relaxed when I return (...OK...until they finally see me, then they start barking...but still...!) That is the reason I have boarded my dogs at Happy Tails since 2003 and why I will continue to do so. 

Over the years, Paul and Tina have cared for five of my dogs and each dog they treated as an individual animal, knowing each ones strengths and weaknesses. Kyky, Wanda, Simon, Iris and Monte could sense that Paul and Tina had affection for each of them. And those same happy dogs could be a handful in less experienced, confident hands! I always knew that in addition to affection, my dogs would get excellent outdoor play-exercise and get to practice "good manners" with Paul and Tina on a daily basis. And the communication Paul and Tina have always had with me during and between my dogs stays is like no other dog care professionals. Their work with the dogs in their care and the communication with owners is exceptional, far above and beyond the usual "feed and clean" attitude of many boarding facilities. Caring for dogs and dog owners is truly their passion as well as their profession.

I strongly recommend Paul and Tina's beautiful, clean facility and huge fenced play yards as a place where dogs truly love to stay. And that's what I care about: that my dogs will be happy at the place they board while I'm away. So, if like me, you delight in seeing your dog’s expressions of happiness where you board them, then Paul and Tina's is the best there is! 

~ Halina Kiljanczyk  Maple Valley, Washington



Dog Forms Loving Bond with Paul
We were vacationing in Europe for 17 days and Happy Tails was boarding our dog, Sophie, a Vizsla. Having trouble with our airline connections, a relative picked Sophie up and brought her home. The next day we returned to Happy Tails to return a portable kennel that Paul graciously provided. The moment of truth arrived when we drove into their driveway. Would Sophie want to get out of the car after just spending 17 days at their kennel? She flew out of the car and greeted Paul with a big wet lick. We felt really reassured that she was happy staying with Paul and Tina.

Although we moved to Idaho, we still bring Sophie to Happy Tails whenever we are traveling through the area.

~ Sophie Korbol and Family



Thank You for Seeing to Jaeger's Every Need
Our family would like to thank you for taking great care of Jaeger during our travels over the past six years. We have brought her out to play at Happy Tails for short weekends and weeks at a time. Sometimes Paul will pick her up at our house and Jaeger is like a giddy school dog when she sees him, this is a true testament to your talent and genuine care for dogs. Jaeger is a 9 year old Weimaraner and she is an important member of our family who we love dearly.

Any special requests regarding medication or extra attention and pets we have made for Jaeger's care have been taken care of in a responsible and caring way. Jaeger is terrified of fireworks and this is the only other place we feel comfortable having her stay if we are away for the 4th of July. Any time we have called to check in on Jaeger while traveling Paul or Tina promptly return our call to set our minds at ease. We know that you are very detail oriented and take a lot of pride in your business.

Congratulations on your new boarding facility and our family is extremely thankful to have found such a wonderful place for Jaeger to play.

~ The Williamson Family



Eager to Play with Her Friends at Happy Tails
It all starts at home when we mention Happy Tails to our beagle, Penny. Up goes her ears; her tail starts wagging. When we get to the farm and ranch country near Happy Tails she starts whining “are we there yet, I want to play!”

With several large, fenced open fields she always finds dog friends to play with (hand selected by Paul and Tina). They really know what they are doing. Time to go to bed: no problem for the warm nights in the air conditioned and remodeled barn, and for the cold nights a heated floor. Time to eat: no problem there either. Penny is fed three times a day, and sometimes there is medication involved: all is taken care of, no matter how often the dog is fed.

Happy Tails is truly a place where lucky dogs go for vacation, and where we  feel comfortable leaving her knowing she is being well looked after.

~ Bob and Helen Bell



Simply the Best Dog Boarding Services!
Simply the best, that's the only way to put it. We've know Paul and Tina since they started their business, and they're real professionals. We're the kind of dog owners that find it difficult to leave our dog, but they make it so much easier.

Watson, our bearded collie, is always excited to see them when they come by to pick him up, and he's always happy and tired when they bring him back (a real godsend for the jetlagged owners of an active dog). They obviously have a deep understanding of dogs and their behavior. They provide the kind of environment that allows him not only to exercise, but also to play and have fun. Their facilities are second to none. And we never worry when we leave our dog in their hands. We couldn't recommend them more highly. Watson, the very definition of a "Happy Tail" when he seems them, agrees.

~ Vicki and Thomas W. Griffin, MD


Dogs Love the Endless Fun at Happy Tails
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